“Marios Joannou Elia, known for his original projects, is now working in Vladivostok. He is preparing the very first of its kind “Sound of Vladivostok”









The second phase of the large-scale project “Sound of Vladivostok” has been successfully completed. The project is composed and directed by Marios Joannou Elia and filmmaker Kostis Nikolas will create the music film.

The music is composed for theremin, electric guitar, saxophone, church bells, symphony orchestra, brass band, three choirs, children’s choir, snare drum squad, Korean drum ensemble, electric violin trio, small pop band and recorded sounds.

In total, approximately 350 musicians and over 20 institutions were involved, such as the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, the FEFU Academic Choir and the Hae Dong drum ensemble. Major partners include the Primorye Regional Philharmonic Society, Far Eastern Federal University and Pacific Tourism Alliance. The project is coordinated by Zarya Center for Contemporary Art.

The audiovisual team recorded over 600 sounds/soundscapes and captured imagery from the city’s most intimate and important landscapes. Dozens of Primorsky Krai region’s citizens contributed to this process by indicating spots of their favourite city sounds.

Elia said that “the project is an effort to stage the entire city of Vlaldivostok in a contemporary way, but because this is not practically possible with any of the traditional musical forms, the most effective medium in our case is that of film. The two mediums, music and film, complement one another flawlessly. Elements that can not be clearly perceived with sound, will be better understood via the imagery of the locations or objects, and vice versa”.


The third phase of the project has begun. All recordings/footage will be evaluated based on their aesthetic attributes and ultimately the selection process will follow. Subsequently, the final music film will be produced, which, according to the organizers, “aims to become the identity card of the city of Vladivostok”.

The first presentation of “Sound of Vladivostok” will take place at Zarya Center for Contemporary Art, end of August 2017, and the official premiere is scheduled for a week later during a festive celebration at a central location in the city. All project’s participants will be invited to attend the premiere.

In the meantime, the project’s social media pages will provide news, documentation, updates, behind the scenes footage and more.

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